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8x5ft Tipping Trailer.

This trailer has been designed and engineered to ensure it can withstand all rigorous demands.


Manufactured with a strong fully welded and galvanised chassis, ensuring maximum strength, durability and safety. The perfect trailer for construction, agricultural and landscaping industries.

Knott 2.7 Tonne coupling head installed and market leading Knott brakes.

E-Marked LED lights fitted, with two marker lights along with an additional 4 reflectors and a number plate light.

5 leaf springs rather than the industry standard three leaf springs which:

​Allows flexibility to absorb road shocks

Allows for a smooth ride

Reduces the wear and tear on trailer

Ensures a level ride on bumpy and uneven surface


6FT Ramps

Hinged Mesh Sides

Ladder Rack

M-TEC 8 x 5ft Tipping Trailer

Excluding VAT

    Shipping available upon request

    Please contact: 07799845239 to arrange shipping. National and International shipping available. 

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